Blake Hartman rushes into West Virginia high school football’s history books

INWOOD, W. Va. (WDVM) – Blake Hartman has been making history, since he joined as a freshman for the Musselman Applemen.

“In my opinion, I think he is the best running back in the state.” said Brian Thomas, Head Coach of the Musselman Applemen football team. “He tied the all time record, and he also set the state scoring record, the career scoring record.”

On November 14th, Blake Hartman had set those records, in a 64-26 win over University, for Musselman’s first round matchup in the state football playoffs.

“Just the satisfaction of finally getting there, and you’re at the top, and knowing your hard work has paid off.” said Blake Hartman, Musselman’s star running back.

The success Blake is enjoying, is a direct by product of the work he put in, during the offseason, and for all four years of high school football.

“He comes out every single day, you know he practices hard.” said Coach Thomas, “He gets better every single day with what he does and that carries over to the field these past four years.”

“I mean it was basically me, and Nick Zamora, and some of the other starters, like Justin Rhinehart.” said Blake Hartman, “We grinded the whole offseason, got a lot stronger, got a lot bigger so I mean you can definitely tell it has paid with the way I run the ball this year, I’m physical. And I feel like I’ve even gained some speed with the weight going up. Just seeing it finally pay off is a good feeling.”

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